EJW Tutoring

29th September 2022
Full length screenshot of the EJW Tutoring landing page website

Empowering Children To Be All They Can Be

EJW Tutoring is owned and run by Wirral-based teacher and tutor Emma Willis who has over 20 years experience of teaching and tutoring children in English, Maths, 112+ and SATs.

Single Page Design

The ‘entry level’ Website consists of a single landing page made up of relevant and tastefully animated sections which draw attention as the page is scrolled. The page has relevant information describing the tutoring subjects offered and further information about Emma’s qualifications. The contemporary design of the page is compatible with all screen sizes and works well on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens. 

At the bottom of the page is a very clear contact section featuring a clear message, along with a tappable phone number and a dynamic contact form.

Call To Action

The ‘hero section’ at the top of the page features the EJW Tutoring logo along with a prominent message and two ‘call to action’ buttons; one which encourages users to learn more about the service and another leading directly to the contact section.

Take A Look

Visit the website and learn more about EJW Tutoring at https://ejwtutoring.co.uk/ 

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