Beautiful Bathrooms Wirral

24th October 2023
Full length screenshot of the Beautiful Bathrooms website

Lovingly Crafting Stunning Bathrooms

Beautiful Bathrooms Wirral is owned by Wirral-based Peter Sawdy who firmly believes that starting and ending your day in a beautiful environment enhances your wellbeing.

Single Page Design

The ‘landing page’ style Website consists of a single page made up of relevant and informative sections which become visible as the page is scrolled. The page is packed with stunning photos of past projects and useful information about the level of service offered.

The contemporary design of the page features a responsive layout, so it is compatible with all screen sizes and works well on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone screens. At the end of the page is an obvious contact section featuring a clear message, along with a tappable phone number and a dynamic contact form.

Call To Action

The ‘hero section’ at the top of the page features the Beautiful Bathrooms logo along with a handy navigation section leading directly to the relevant sections.

Check It Out

Visit the website and learn more about Beautiful Bathrooms Wirral at

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