A Redesign For Dale PCs

5th September 2020
Full length screenshot of the Dale PCs landing page

A Local PC Repair Man

Dale PCs has been providing support to PC and Mac users across the Wirral since 2008 and is owned and managed by Dave Wilson, a mature professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dave set up Dale PCs with the aim of providing a friendly, efficient, and helpful service for all PC users, with customer satisfaction being at the heart of everything he does. With a no-nonsense approach, Dave builds, sells, repairs and services PCs and Macs.

A More Minimalist Approach

The original Dale PCs Website was looking dated and had become a little overcomplicated with too many separate sections. Dave thought this might be distracting to some of his clients, many of whom could be described as ‘silver surfers’, and decided on a more minimalist approach with a simple one-page layout and uncluttered design.

The brief was to create a simple, easy to use landing page that is practical for its users and focuses on the message of; “Just Call Dave”. Each section of the page features helpful information and a button leading to a user-friendly contact section.

Contact Section

The contact section at the foot of the page which is headed “Just Call Dave” makes a point of specifying that there is just one telephone number to remember and also offers alternative contact methods of email or use of a quick contact form. 

Take A Look

Visit the site and learn more about Dave and Dale PCs at www.dalepcs.co.uk 

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