Attainers International

20th May 2020
Screenshot of the Attainers International Website

International Education

Attainers International was created to help international students make the most of their education in the UK, whether at school or at university. The goal is to help participants develop the skills – academic, social, and personal – that will help them make the most of this next step in their careers.

Vibrant Design

The Website is based on the WordPress platform and features a clean and consistent layout suitable for all screen sizes. The Attainers International branding has been maintained throughout the Website and continues when accessing the individual course content.

Sign Up Form

The site has been created to promote the Survive and Succeed series of educational courses for international students and offers a wealth of information about the teaching methods and course content. Interested users can sign up to a VIP Club and be notified when enrolment starts. There is also a full-featured contact page with a dynamic contact form for users who wish to request further information.

Take A Look

Visit the site and learn more about Attainers International at 

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