How To Set Up Your Email Mailbox In Outlook

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TDL Webs mailboxes make use of ‘autodiscover’ technology, so that in the majority of cases, your email account can be set up in Microsoft Outlook with just the email address and password.

Automatic Setup

  • In Outlook, choose the File tab
  • Under Account Information, choose Add Account
  • On the Auto Account Setup page, enter your name, email address, and password, and then choose Next
  • Choose Finish

Manual Setup

If automatic setup failed, you can choose Manual setup or additional server types to enter your settings manually. Use these settings:

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Incoming server port (IMAP): 993
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL
  • Outgoing server port (SMTP): 465
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL/TLS

When setting up your account, you should choose More Settings > Outgoing Server and check the box for ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’.

If you experience any problems with the connection or receive a certificate warning, please disable SSL/TLS encryption and change the incoming server port to 143.

Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Tony Williams is the founder of TDL Webs and specialises in creating effective and affordable Web solutions for local businesses.

He is the author of The Magic In A Freelance Web Design Business and has been published in WebUser and Net magazine in the UK.

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